Your Dharma, the Moon and ‘The Way’

When you begin to awaken ~ stepping from behind the veil to live a more conscious life ~ there can emerge a deep desire to live on purpose, a yearning to live more aligned with your dharma.  The energy of this weekend’s super-moon-eclipse is the kind of power charge that may have you dreaming of the perfect job, the forever-guy, or maybe you’re longing to lift your voice and deliver your work into the world and ‘make a difference’.

Here I  take a lesson from the moon.  The celestial body that changes every day, that is always in movement and yet steady in its place and purpose.  It is true that each of these outer goals “a job, a man, or a status” may manifest as part of your dharma path, and yet none of them embodies living your true dharma.  I know this intuitively, as I have had many dreams come true and felt empty in the next moment.  Living your dharma is closer to a practice than a striving.  And, yes, the difference there is subtle.  The first thing moving from within your dharma requires is knowing your ‘living truth’.  What is it that you are married to?  Is it helping children, uplifting women or creating your art?  Do you stand up for nature, write every day or raise horses?  Look for something that rarely changes over time, that you could partner with for life. These are the statements that can guide our Way.

Setting an intention comes next.  Intention is so much more fluid than a goal.  We don’t have as many opinions about what it will eventually look like, or judgements when it shows up in an unusual way when we live with intention.

Your purpose is a way, a path and an energy, much more than it is any kind of goal or achievement.
And in a blissful turn of universal law, it is the very energy of your desiring that is closer to your dharma path than arriving anywhere.


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